Add Inventory to My Inventory Option Added to Website

After you buy your first Crossbeams kit, subsequent ones can cost much less than advertized by reusing pieces you own. That requires you to track the pieces you own on the My Inventory page and use Piece-Boosts in your Shopping Cart. To help you better track inventories, on January 2, 2015, we added an Add Inventory to My Inventory button to each kit and assortment.

Here's how it works. Suppose you own the 370-piece Assortment but haven't logged it into My Inventory. You can go the assortment's main page and click on the Add Inventory to My Inventory button. It will immediately redirect you to the My Inventory page, with the 370-piece Assortment's inventory added to what you had before. Once you are satisfied with your inventory, use the Save button at the bottom of the page to store your inventory.

We also added a Subtract Inventory from My Inventory button to each kit and assortment in case you accidentally add too much.