Assortments Changed

On May 20, 2015, we made some changes to our Assortments to align them with Crossbeams' creative strengths. We are moving from assortments that build a few models to assortments that build at least 20 models.

  • Our assortments now list all the designs on our website they can build, not just the ones they were designed for.
  • We removed printed instructions from assortments. With so many designs to build per assortment, printed instructions were dominating price. You choose just the instructions you want by ordering them individually or downloading them.
  • We added a new Introductory Assortment that builds more than 20 designs.
  • We will follow it later in the summer with a Motion Assortment that builds onto the Introductory Assortment with more than 20 new designs specializing in motion.
  • We added a few more pieces to the Designer's Assortment so it can build everything in the Introductory Assortment.
  • We renamed the Killer Assortment the Gargantuan Assortment.
  • The Assortments tailored to building 3-9 models will be obsolete once we release the Motion Assortment. Until then, you can still buy them.