Motion Assortment replaced with Designer's Assortment

Our Motion Assortment was not a stand-alone assortment. It built onto the Introductory Assortment. That created confusion with customers and errors with Piece-Boosts. On December 5, 2015, we decided to replace it with our current Designer's Assortment. The Designer's Assortment contains only 18 more pieces than the combined Introductory Assortment and Motion Assortment.

If you own the Introductory Assortment and want to upgrade, go to the bottom of the Introductory Assortment page, click on Add Inventory to My Inventory to add your pieces into My Inventory, add the Designer's Assortment to your order, select Piece-Boost, and order the pieces. You'll be able to build all the Motion Assortment models.