12 Designs Added to Designer's Assortment

We took advantage of the extra pieces available in our Designer's Assortment to improve 12 of the Introductory Assortment designs it builds. Add steering, seats, and doors to your Sports Car, wings to your Eagle, retractable landing gear to your Space Shuttle, and more.

bird_ast1 image

149-piece Bird

eagle_astm image

268-piece Eagle

dolphin_ast1 image

212-piece Dolphin

dolphin_astm image

308-piece Dolphin

galleon_ast1 image

202-piece Galleon

galleon_astm image

298-piece Galleon

human_ast1 image

215-piece Human

human_astm image

310-piece Human

jet_airliner_ast1 image

257-piece Jet Airliner

jet_airliner_astm image

359-piece Jet Airliner

fighter_jet_ast1 image

122-piece Fighter Jet

jet_fighter_astm image

264-piece Jet Fighter

pickup_ast1 image

181-piece Pickup

pickup_astm image

354-piece Pickup

space_shuttle_ast1 image

173-piece Space Shuttle

space_shuttle_astm image

211-piece Space Shuttle

fighter_plane_ast1 image

203-piece Fighter Plane

spitfire_astm image

246-piece Spitfire

sports_car image

209-piece Sports Car

sports_car1_astm image

419-piece Sports Car

submarine_ast1 image

186-piece Submarine

nautilus_astm image

340-piece Nautilus

utility_helicopter_ast1 image

212-piece Utility Helicopter

utility_helicopter_astm image

303-piece Utility Helicopter