Join the Community

Charles SharmanJanuary 30, 2015

You've purchased your Designer's Assortment. After becoming acquainted with the pieces and instructions, you attempt your first simple model and succeed. After advancing over half a dozen more models to expert level, you begin creating your own Crossbeams models. What's next?

Consider joining the Crossbeams Community. The Crossbeams Community is a group of Crossbeams designers who share their designs on the web with other Crossbeams enthusiasts. It's very much a fledgling group. Currently, most members come from my own family. However, Crossbeams is a very creative building system with unlimited potential. The Crossbeams website could be filled with thousands of designs instead of hundreds. We just need more designers!

So how do you do it? Once you've created a few of your own designs, download the Crossbeams Modeller and learn the tool. We have a manual and instructional videos, and many examples. Every design on our site has its Crossbeams Modeller file freely downloadable. Go to any design's main page, and click on the Crossbeams icon in the Download section. Once you've mastered the modeller, enter your own designs, and upload them.

The community's small and open to change. If you have any suggested improvements, let us know. Once the community's larger, we'll start an online group for better collaboration and community. We can't wait to be joined by you!