Bring on the Motion

Charles SharmanSeptember 29, 2015

Our Introductory Assortment is our best-selling product, and for good reason. It builds more than 20 good-looking models for under $3 per model. Our May article recounts the story of its creation.

As we continued thinking down a real building toy's product line and the pieces Crossbeams offered, we decided a Motion Assortment was the next logical step—something that challenged builders at the next level and provided significantly more function. Instead of making it stand-alone, with a necessarily higher price tag, we chose to capitalize on Crossbeams piece reuse, making it build onto the Introductory Assortment.

The newly introduced Crossbeams Motion Assortment nicely fits our goals. It builds on the Introductory Assortment with gears, rotating joints, couples and more pieces, adding more than 20 intermediate-level motion-based models. We have a Ferris Wheel with eight gondolas, a Horse with moving legs, a Super Car with geared steering and upward opening doors, a Training Plane with moving control surfaces, a working Handrail Car, and more. Most of the models are new. You'll find their full, to-scale, stand-alone Kits on our website in the coming months. Like the Introductory Assortment, we plan to add even more designs to the Motion Assortment as we go.

Designer's Assortment Image

Crossbeams' unique optimization of strength, creativity, and accuracy enables builders to surpass traditional building toy barriers. I wonder what's next?

*We have since replaced the Motion Assortment with the Designer's Assortment.