You Bought a System

Charles SharmanMay 23, 2016

We label our offerings Assortments and Kits to match the nomenclature used in other building toys, but those are misnomers. At its heart, Crossbeams is a Building System. After you purchase your first Kit, you possess pieces to start many more Designs. Instead of following the traditional building toy path—buying a second or third kit—we structure our website to help you reuse your current pieces and order only the pieces you need. Recently, a customer spent a little more than $40 in pieces to build six Intermediate and Advanced designs totalling more than 3500 pieces. That's one-tenth the per-piece cost of the leading building toy on the market.

How do you do this? You must keep an inventory of the pieces you own, and the website does the rest. Our FAQ write-up and videos get you started, and if you're still confused, Contact Us and we're happy to guide. It's a unique system, but once you grasp it, building options explode.