Straight Beams

(not to scale)
Name Shop
straight1 image straight1
straight2 image straight2
straight3 image straight3
straight4 image straight4

Angle and Arc Beams

(not to scale)
Name Shop
angle1x1 image angle1x1
angle2x1 image angle2x1
angle2x2 image angle2x2
angle3x3 image angle3x3
angle4x2 image angle4x2
angle4x4 image angle4x4
arc2x2 image arc2x2
arc3x3 image arc3x3
arc4x2 image arc4x2
arc4x4 image arc4x4


(not to scale)
Name Shop
join1 image join1
join2 image join2
join2f image join2f
join3 image join3
join3f image join3f
join4 image join4
join4f image join4f
join5 image join5
join6 image join6

Rotating Joints

(not to scale)
Name Shop
rotate2s image rotate2s
rotate3fd image rotate3fd
rotate3fs image rotate3fs
rotate3s image rotate3s
rotate4d image rotate4d
rotate4fd image rotate4fd
rotate4s image rotate4s
rotate5d image rotate5d
rotate5s image rotate5s
rotate6d image rotate6d

Gears and Couplers

(not to scale)
Name Shop
axle_g1 image axle_g1
axle_g2 image axle_g2
axle_s image axle_s
couple image couple
gear1 image gear1
gear3l image gear3l
gear3s image gear3s
gear_b image gear_b
stiff image stiff


(not to scale)
Name Shop
axle_w1 image axle_w1
axle_w2 image axle_w2
axle_w3 image axle_w3
wheel1 image wheel1
wheel2 image wheel2

Inventory from File

Enter an inventory file generated by the Crossbeams Modeller to order all the pieces for that model.

*In a Piece-Boost, we assume you're keeping everything in the order. We look at your inventory and the other kits and pieces you're ordering and send you only the missing pieces you need to build the model in the inventory file.