“The Crossbeams were a gift to one of our grandsons for his 14th birthday. He said he thought they were cool! As a matter of fact, I think we'll be buying a set for his younger brother!”
 —Katherine S., May 04, 2017
“Crossbeams turned out to be better and more fun than I expected. I am already working out what extra pieces I want to get. It is a relief to be able to buy the pieces that you want rather than being forced to buy full sets.”
 —John F., May 02, 2017
“The more I use Crossbeams the more I can see the work you put into them. It's hard to see them as a toy but more as an engineering tool.”
 —Lee B., March 08, 2017
“Your customer service is excellent and we love Crossbeams! Our son has so much fun (for many hours) making and creating with his pieces!”
 —Anne-Marie T., October 28, 2016
“I'm excited to see what my son (13) will do. I got him an assortment for Christmas and he finally built a dolphin with it just a couple weeks ago. Then his brother (9) wanted a model of his own, so we got a ship. Now the 13 year old wants to see what the modeling software is like. I think they are finally realizing just how cool Crossbeams are. It is really nice that they can carry the models around and they don't fall apart.”
 —Stephanie O., May 30, 2016
“It might be helpful for your customers to know that this assortment makes a dirtbike, jet fighter, and dolphin—but not simultaneously so that they can all three be displayed on a shelf. We have 14-year-old twin grandsons who visited us from another state for spring break. We sat them down at a table to build Crossbeam projects—only to learn that one grandson would have to tear up his dirtbike in order for the other grandson to complete his dolphin.”
 —Clarice L., May 27, 2016
“I have been exceedingly impressed with the Crossbeams and thrilled with my grandson's reaction. We got our 10 year old grandson in Papua, Indonesia a kit for the Spitfire for Christmas. When we got it here, I started to put it together. This was what I had hoped for! I ordered the pieces so he could also make the utility helicopter. We went to Papua and gave him the Spitfire for Christmas. He put it together in about 2 1/2 hours. Then for his 11th birthday about a week later, we gave him the additional parts to make the helicopter. He asked if he could use those additional parts for anything. Sure! He revised the Spitfire and made a Pilatus PC-12. That is what his dad flies as a missionary. He had no plans. He just knows what it looks like. When it was all done, his dad helped him tweak the position of the wheels and the length of the nose. When he was beginning to work, he said, 'I feel like I'm dreaming!' … The personal contact your company has with the consumer is a catalyst for new, young inventors! Thank you!”
 —Loretta B., February 20, 2016
“My grandson (age 10 1/2) really enjoyed the Introductory Assortment Crossbeams Toy as a Christmas gift. We built the Bi-plane! His uncle and I also enjoyed the building process. The instructions were excellent! The set was complete and incredibly durable! We highly recommend the Crossbeams Toy! Thanks for a wonderful product and excellent personalized customer service!”
 —Wayne S., February 18, 2016
“We got the Introductory Assortment for our son's 10th birthday, and he quickly put together the fighter jet model without assistance. The model joints are strong and can withstand more intense play as temporary toys than his Legos. Of course, like Legos, that's only until the pieces are disassembled and made into something else. If your child likes to put things together, they will love Crossbeams!”
 —Nathan T., November 26, 2015
“I purchased the sports car kit for my 12 years old grandson. He is used to Lego kits and was able to assemble the model without any real difficulty. The only problem was that the front wheels rub against the angle piece and do not turn freely. I double checked the assembly and it all looked correct. It seems maybe a straight2, straight1, and 2x join2 might work better. He is looking forward to other kits. …after some interchange… Thank you for your prompt reply. The wheels were on backwards! I didn't notice they were not symmetric. Changing them allows free motion. Also I didn't mention before our original exposure to Crossbeams was through the article in World magazine. Thank you again for your excellent product. We will be ordering more.”
 —Ron B., November 24, 2015
“I read about Crossbeams in WORLD magazine and purchased a set for my 12 year old son. He loved to build the airplane. The pieces go together easily and are easy to take apart. We're looking forward to another cool model! I really appreciate having all of the diagrams and choices for models. I'm a chemical engineer but love making things with him.”
 —Gregory W., November 01, 2015
“I gave out some of the Crossbeam kits to friends in Korea. And they were all very impressed! One of them opened it up while we were there and made a picker-upper thing. He is a 12-year-old boy who loves building and working with his hands. I heard he has since made every design on the CD (all instruction sets) and started working on his own designs. I have one more set to give to my cousin (for her son who is about 12 or 13) on this upcoming trip. He is also a builder/fixer type. So, I think he will like it as well. It's a high-quality toy. I hope you are proud of your invention. It's awesome!”
 —Elizabeth K., October 12, 2015
“The crossbeams toy was great. It was totally good, except that the axles tend to be a bit week to turning. I tried to power a car I made with rubber bands, and when I was winding it up, the axle connector piece twisted off. The axles have broken twice.”
 —Hudson F., October 08, 2015
“As a retired mechanical engineer, I greatly enjoyed building the pickup truck, then bringing it to an 8 year old, who took it apart and has made his own creations. I suggested a wheel barrow and a cart—he made both.”
 —Paul K., September 14, 2015
“We gave our 13 yr old grandson his Crossbeams kit, and he put together the fighter Jet in 45 minutes. He said it was really cool. We were happy to be able to give it to him.”
 —Bobbie D., September 06, 2015
“I read about Crossbeams in a recent issue of World magazine, prompting my order. Our family (adults and kids) enjoy your innovative product.”
 —Jeff L., September 06, 2015
“My hands got very sore locking the joints. Locking on to swivel/rotating joints/pieces was the toughest. In fairness, I experienced the same troubles with a standard Lego set recently when trying to pry open two flat thin pieces. I absolutely love the strength and novelty of the joints. Even more so now after my first build. They have relatively quick and easy lock/unlock operation and amazing strength and 'holding'/'staying locked' capacity. My 9 year old loved it but commented that her fingers hurt a bit too, but she still did not want to stop building till the model was complete. The 187 piece set took all of one day with parent and child working in about 6 focused 30-60 minute sessions. We did not finish till near 11pm but it was that much fun. My girls want me to buy more but after a few weeks stopped bugging me about it. The instructions are the best. Love it. The whole set helps with hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, 3D visualizations at very advanced levels, yet the toy is engrossing, engaging and oh so much fun. I was amazed at the level of 3D complexity but I was even more amazed that my child was able to follow the instructions and recognize when she picked the wrong piece or unoriented pieces or built sub-models incorrectly. It's not for 4 year olds during building but is great fun for them to play with once built.”
 —Attma S., September 05, 2015
“Crossbeams are great!”
 —Joe O., September 04, 2015
“These are now in my top five favorite pastimes. They stick together way better than Legos. I think they are awesome.”
 —Wyatt J., January 19, 2015
“My son and I are working on the Semi and I will say it is really cool and a challenge for sure … I am finding that this particular kit can be built by an 11 year old like my son, but does indeed require help from a parent as he went right into building without doing the inventory and what that showed him was he was using the wrong parts to build with as there are some that look very similar. I showed him how we needed to verify and organize all the parts first so we could know for sure what the parts were and how to find them … I can see these having a lot of growth like you mention in the future where you can attach motors and gears to operate them. I really like the durability of them as well. I look in my son's closet and see his K'Nex all over in pieces from being moved. I don't see that happening with your toy. Wonderful toy and congratulations!”
 —Josh P., January 13, 2015
“We finished the car build successfully and they liked it. It's tempting for people to see how strong it looks/feels (for its weight) and try to 'abuse' it. My daughter was putting most of her weight on it and it was holding-up. The axles are the weakest points but that's because they aren't held on both sides. One of the rings on one of the axles broke but that was after my son pulled directly on the axle to see how strong it was. With one of the spare rings, we were able to fix this again. It's been a good learning experience for him. He definitely got better about deciphering the instructions as it went along, and it got to the point where he could do it on his own by the end of it. He also got better with the hand dexterity needed to operate the joints. He and his older brother are already having discussions about what models that they want to design.”
 —Glenn W., January 05, 2015
“We were very impressed by the concept and the workmanship. My 12-year-old daughter and I already have built the dirt bike, and we look forward to other projects. The only part that was a tad difficult for me was turning the dials to lock the connections into place. But this was only on some of the connections where there wasn't much room due to angles, etc. I think it was easier for my daughter's smaller fingers. Also in the instruction manuals, the naming of the various joints was a tad confusing - I can't remember them off the top of my head, but I'm talking about piece names such as '4f.' I am not sure what a better option would be. We also have used K'Nex, in which the different kinds of pieces have different colors, but I kind of like the all-white look of Crossbeams. Keep up the good work!”
 —Tom A., January 02, 2015
“I love this toy! This is more funner than Legos!”
 —Michael S., December 26, 2014
“This is a cool toy! I've played with these quite a bit now and it's brilliant, very clever! And very fun to play with. I gave the race car kit to my 9 year old nephew (he's almost 10), and we put half of it together the night he got it. At first he had trouble with the rings but he got the hang of it. After we played with it awhile, he said, 'this is actually really fun!' The next day he sent me a text saying, 'I finished the car and it is AMAZING!!!'”
 —Mike F., December 26, 2014
“[For Christmas], we got three new board games and some fun books … as well as the Dirtbike and Victorian House. Before the shrink wrap was removed on the games and the cover open on the books, the Crossbeams boxes were cut open and Ziploc bags opened and the fun began! Both kits have been assembled and admired and now my daughter is taking apart the house so that she can build it again. The pieces are all moving really smoothly and there are no glitches (as you would often expect with 'new' toys) … Anyway, even though the Crossbeams are not 'new' to either my daughter or son, they are the favorites among the gifts.”
 —Kelly B., December 25, 2014
“My son and grandson loved building this car. Their fingers got tired twisting them together, but they loved the solidity of the construction.”
 —Peter M., December 24, 2014
“The kids put the plane together tonight. It is a great system. Goes together easily and stays together. The pieces are beautifully done. I am impressed. You deserve success with this.”
 —Geir O., December 10, 2014

*We've taken every testimonial we've received and ordered them most recent first. We update it monthly. In some cases, we've pruned the full testimonial, but we've tried to faithfully quote the full intent of what they say, not only the good. Some issues have since been corrected. If you've purchased Crossbeams and have a testimonial, please share it with us.